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Your Custom Search Engine Marketing Needs Assesment

Your website communicates who you are, what you offer, and why your prospective customers should do business with you. And how your website communicates this has everything to do with how your customers will find you through search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo and MSN and AOL search. In your custom Search Engine Marketing Needs Assessment, you will be provided with information that will drive the future of your internet marketing plan, including:

  • Selecting the right keywords for your business:
    All keyword strategies begin with an educated guess. The trick is to improve the quality of available information to make that guess. Learn how to uncover keyword phrases that are most likely to drive pre-qualified sales leads to your website.

  • Your Website: "Is it Search Engine Friendly?"
    Like a retail store employee that forgot to turn on the lights and unlock the front door, many websites discourage search engines from learning more about your company. Make sure your website keeps it's doors open with "Search Engine Friendly Website Design".

  • Virtual Word-of-Mouth: How "popularity" affects your rankings.
    Is your website well regarded in your virtual community? Links to your website and other "virtual" means of measuring the popularity of your website are like third-pary recommendations.... the more credible the source, the more credible the recommendation. Learn how to identify the most cost-effective and ethical ways to turn these votes of confidence into higher rankings and increased traffic.

  • Submitting Your Website: The Whole Truth
    Find out how you can save your money and increase traffic from directories such as Yahoo and search engines like Google.

  • Assessing the results
    You don't (or shouldn't) have an unlimited budget. Without measuring the results of your marketing campaign, you won't know how to squeeze more out of your marketing dollars. Make sure you have the tools you need to monitor and adjust your strategy over time.

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